Losing a loved one is always tragic. Everyone grieves differently as they start on the road to healing. If you have driven by The Graffiti Bridge on Valentine's day, you might have glimpsed this portrait of a young girl rendered in a brilliant color scheme.

For the friends and family of Michelle Renee Thrush, they honor her memory by keeping a promise made on Valentines Day, 2013.

Michelle Renee Thrush was a beloved daughter, a soulmate to her twin sister, and a natural born bad-ass. She passed away in the early hours of Valentine’s day in 2013, and every year artist and friend Loren Miller  twin sister Alicia and Robert Brabham along with Michelle's closest friends and family honor the memory with a mural and portrait that recall her love for art and literature. It is a productive output for grief, and a physical representation of place she holds every day in their hearts.

Michelle Renee Thrush

Michelle 2013 ~ Love U More  lorenmillerart.com

Michelle Renee Thrush 2014

 Michelle 2014 ~ Twin Promise, wish you we're here  lorenmillerart.com

Michelle Renee Thrush 2015

Michelle 2015  lorenmillerart.com

Michelle Renee Thrush 2016

 Michelle 2016 ~ After all this time? Always lorenmillerart.com

Michelle Renee Thrush 2017

Michelle 2017 ~ "i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) i am never without it" lorenmillerart.com

Michelle Renee Thrush 2018

Michelle 2018 ~ while the heart beats, bruise it-- it is your only opportunity lorenmillerart.com

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