Auburn Fans roll Graffiti Bridge after 2017 Iron Bowl victory

Auburn Fans roll Graffiti Bridge after 2017 Iron Bowl victory

When big things happen in our area and in the world, you can almost guarantee it will be memorialized at The Graffiti Bridge, and living in SEC country last night was big!

Here in SEC country Toomer's Corner wasn't the only place getting rolled last night.

After last nights victory over Alabama the Auburn Burnt Orange and Navy Blue weren't the only things getting rolled on Graffiti Bridge!  Check out the photos.  


War Eagle Hey!

Walmart Now Open 4 Bama Returns 26-14 War Eagle Hey! Auburn Tigers ROLL TEARS ROLL

Go Tigers

 Go Tigers Got Anymore of them #1's ?

Graffiti Bridge Gets Rolled!

Tickets = $500 SEC Fine $250,000 Beating Alabama = Priceless 


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  • aubieclawz - November 28, 2017

    GTH!!!! ALABAMA……. sabans begging for you whineass crybabies right now to why you should be playoff bound,,, yeah— we just beat power house MERCER!!!! as the whines continue……….

  • ??? - November 27, 2017

    Means nothing to me…paint something meaningful.

  • Leonard Bliss - November 27, 2017

    Love how Bammers talk about having class after loss, when SO many I know are obnoxious all year long. SMH

  • Amu - November 26, 2017

    Enjoy your moment. Go dawgs

  • Dena - November 26, 2017

    How about have some class when you lose! There was no reason for the sore losers to bust down a gate on a wall that has been there for many years!!!! It’s not classless to roll or jump bushes, it’s excitement WDE!

  • Doug Kelley - November 26, 2017

    Coach Bryant always taught us to, “have class…when you score a touchdown or win a big game….act like you’ve been there”

  • Anita Seekford - November 26, 2017

    YES!!! I love it!!!!!????

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