“2493, Come in”……….Static……..”2493 Come in Please”…….Static…….”Come in 2493”…….Static. “We’ve lost her. Farewell 2493, Rest in Peace.”


The Graffiti Bridge was quite honored to participate in a very special painting this morning. Escambia County Paramedics, EMT’s, EMS, and Fire Departments joined in a massive, coordinated painting of the bridge to honor the memory of one of their own.

Kara Zaremba, EMT, EMS, Volunteer Firefighter, Flight Nurse and Adjunct at Pensacola State College passed away from stage four Ovarian Cancer earlier this year.


“Captain Z,” as she was affectionately referred to by her colleagues and friends, touched the lives of everyone she worked with.

 “She had the most brilliant smile and a great sense of humor.” Said G.G. An EMT and Paramedic with Escambia County First Responders.  “There is not a single First Responder here today that has not had their lives touched by Kara sunny smile and sense of humor.”

The entire area of The Graffiti Bridge, from the Boardwalk to the Boat Ramp was choked with an ambulance, EMS SUV lights flashing, and A fire truck complete with full crew complement from Escambia County Ferry Pass Fire Department.

At least 12 to 15 people were swarming over the bridge, armed with long-handled paint rollers, covering it with blue paint.


The Ambulance was parked in the middle of 17th avenue N. and a tough looking paramedic was directing traffic so the volunteers could safely paint, without having to worry about getting hit by a car.

Kara, a native of Australia, started volunteering at Ferry Pass Fire Station in early 2000. From there, she moved on to become an EMT, Paramedic, Flight nurse, and finally an instructor at Pensacola State College.  She taught classes for up-and-coming EMT’S.

“By the time she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, it was already at Stage Three. She battled it bravely for two years, but finally lost the battle.” G.G Explained, “She went home to Australia to be with family for treatment.  Unfortunately, since we weren’t all able to go there for her funeral, this is the second best thing.  We wanted to give her a grand send-off.”

Fly High Kara. You will be sorely missed.




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  • Tom Moore

    It was an awesome site. I was quite humbled to be able to participate in honoring the life of such a brave young woman.

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