To be the best, you have to work harder than all the rest.  Hard work is nothing new to Joseph Seurkamp, owner, and operator of, a local website designed to digitally promote the messages “posted,” on Pensacola’s oldest social media site, The Graffiti Bridge.

“All you need is a little spray paint and a lot of imagination to tag the bridge,” Said Pensacola resident, Melissa Caruthers.  Pensacola locals have been tagging the bridge since the early 1900’s.  Since then, the bridge has acted as a local bulletin board, where anyone can share their ideas.

According to best selling business author Malcolm Gladwell, “greatness can be achieved with 10,000 hours of uninterrupted study” of your topic of interest.  Seurkamp has put in more than double that. has grown rapidly since its conception.  Started a mere two years ago, it is now a Pensacola powerhouse, both in the community and on the web.

Starting in April of 2016, as a site dedicated to preserving graffiti tags, by converting them to high-quality metal prints, The Graffiti Bridge has grown by leaps and bounds!

Today, with a Facebook following of over 40,000 followers and a million followers on the website, The Graffiti Bridge has continued to grow and thrive.

It was this sustained hard work, continued persistence and passion for what we do that allowed The Graffiti Bridge to be recognized with a status as unique as itself.

The Pensacola Independent Newspaper “InWeekly” has been awarding its “Best of Coast,” awards since 2001. These awards have a huge variety of topics, ranging from everything from the best hair salon, best car dealership, to the best place to visit and best bowling alley.

The Graffiti Bridge only found out we were eligible to enter four days before this year’s due date.  Nevertheless, by sheer, non-stop determination The Graffiti Bridge is proud to announce their placement in the following 3 categories:

  • Best Historic Landmark
  • First runner-up for “Best Palafox Market Vendor”
  • Second runner-up for “Best Unique Jewelry”

Every day, The Graffiti Bridge continues to bring out the best of Pensacola, by adding a unique digital presence to complement the messages portrayed on the historic local landmark that is the bridge.  

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