Collision Avoided. Mission Accomplished!

Collision Avoided. Mission Accomplished!


This is the story of triumph. Of victory, and of human intelligence and self direction defeating the urge to just sit back go with the flow.

The Graffiti Bridge Facebook page was buzzing with the story of human triumph. After 3 collisions in as many months, The Graffiti Bridge facebook following really enjoyed the fact that one man exercised some sense.

"Wow a Swift driver with some common sense." Justin Knuebel commented on our facebook page.

This observant Swift was observant enough to realized his Big Rig would not fit under the low clearance of the bridge. He quickly applied the brakes and pulled off at the boat ramp in front of The Graffiti Bridge to turn around.

And so, much to our surprise and delight, The Graffiti Bridge can chalk this one up for common sense, and human reason.

Many thanks to the Swift truck driver for restoring our faith in humanity. You have demonstrated that common sense is not yet dead, even though apparently it is a whole lot less common.

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