Congratulations, Leslie and Kevin:  The Graffiti Bridge helps celebrate a very special engagement.

Congratulations, Leslie and Kevin: The Graffiti Bridge helps celebrate a very special engagement.

"When two hearts unite, the yoke is easy, and the burden light."

The Graffiti Bridge is happy to announce the wedding of Leslie and Kevin on January 13th, next year. The Graffiti Bridge family celebrated this special day with a full bridge mural and a Facebook live stream available on The Graffiti Bridge

Leslie is a native of Pensacola but went to school in Birmingham AL, and college in Boston MA, and Austin TX.

Leslie said she wanted something that would capture the spirit of what Pensacola meant to her.  She felt that using a Pensacola icon like The Graffiti Bridge was the perfect way to do that while promoting her special day.

Painting The Graffiti Bridge with her "Save the date," message allowed her to encompass her desire to paint The Graffiti Bridge, while also sharing with the community, the excitement of the upcoming celebration.

She and Kevin met at Gulf Breeze Elementary School.  Kevin, a Pensacola native, and a financial adviser has two kids in Gulf Breeze Elementary. Leslie, who works in advertising, has two nieces who also attend. The kids introduced them, and as they say, the rest is history.  That was nearly three years ago.  By 2017 he popped the question, and of course, she said yes.

"As a native of Pensacola, I have always wanted to paint the bridge." Leslie's Mother, Caroline said.  "It was one of those things I've always had on my bucket list. I thought this was the perfect way to Celebrate her wedding." Caroline said. 

These are the moments we at The Graffiti Bridge are particularly proud of.  We are dedicated to our local community, and keep our team of talented artists standing by ready, willing, and able to promote local events, individuals and messages.  

Congratulations Leslie and Kevin, to your family from ours, courtesy of The Graffiti Bridge.





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