Every week, I pick a tag to feature on my blog.  Some have a really powerful message.  A particularly poignant graphic, or perhaps a certain image that really moves me.  This week, I have seen some pretty amazing pieces.  It has been really hard to decide, but up until now, none have really jumped out at me.  

I have been helping spread the word about the Graffiti Bridge Boardwalk, and so I must admit, I have not been down at the bridge as much as I would have liked. But this morning I was going through the images my boss man Joe posted, and this one just really jumped out at me.  

Twenty-One.  What a special birthday.  It’s the ultimate coming of age.  You are now able to do everything adults are allowed to do.  The final milestone in your journey into adulthood is finally upon you.  The world is your oyster.  Go forth, and make your mark upon it.  We wish you a happy 21st birthday Kiwi and many, many more, from the family of The Graffiti Bridge.

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