For Your Humble Service: The Graffiti Bridge Honors Pensacola’s unsung heroes.

For Your Humble Service: The Graffiti Bridge Honors Pensacola’s unsung heroes.

The Graffiti Bridge would like to honor all of our community partners who spend their valuable time raising funds and caring for those who are less fortunate.  

I have been honored and proud to be allowed to know these fine folks. These are the individuals who make a community great and a city a good place to live.  I get so frustrated when some naysayer wants to say: , “You can’t do any good.  You are just one person. You can’t make a difference.” Then I tell him the starfish story:

There was a little boy on the beach. A starfish washed up on the shore, so the little boy ran up to him, picked up the starfish and threw him back into the water.  Then he looked a bit down the beach, and there was another starfish, so the little boy ran down and threw him back.  Then he looked and all up and down the beach the little boy saw hundreds of starfish washed up, so he ran and started throwing them back as fast as he could. Well, it was time to go home, and his mother tried to tell him.  “Son, I’m sorry, but you are just one person, there are so many. You can’t possibly make a difference.”  And the little boy threw one last starfish back in the ocean and told his mom. “Mom, to his life I did.”

Whether it is rescuing puppies abandoned in the hours running up to a major hurricane, donating art to raise money for neglected and abused kids, helping to raise awareness for self harm and suicide prevention; The Graffiti Bridge is honored and proud to work hand-in-hand with these fine organizations and the exceptional people who run them.  

These remarkable individuals work hard everyday to make the world a better place for the most disenchanted, hopeless and vulnerable people who live their lives, right here, alongside us in the same community.

The Graffiti Bridge values our community, and the community leaders who make this possible.  If you or someone you know need some help promoting your message, or raising awareness for your own cause, let us know.  

We will be more than happy to help spread your message on our website, as well as our vast network of social media.  Our Facebook page alone has recently reached 40,000 followers and we reach more and more every day. Our website gets nearly a million hits a day, and was recently listed as one of the top 10 by the web hosting company.

The Graffiti Bridge offers this robust platform to community seminarians and non-profits around Pensacola to spread your message and be recognized for all your hard work.  Our hat is off to you!!

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