Historic Pensacola, in conjunction with Pensacola T.T. Wentworth Museum, presents the “Icons of Pensacola” to honor some of Pensacola’s oldest and most memorable landmarks. The Icons Exhibit can be enjoyed until October, 2018, and is open during the normal operating hours of the Museum: Tues - Thurs 10-4, Fri and Sat 10 - 7 and Sun 12 - 4.

Located on the third floor of the museum, this exhibit is open to the public and represents the last fifty years of progress, industry, and development that turned a once sleepy little port town into the 21st Century tourism powerhouse that is modern day Pensacola.

As soon as you walk in the door, the first wall is the exhibit “From Eyesore to Icon,” honoring The Pensacola Graffiti Bridge. Officially known as the 17th Ave trestle, The Graffiti Bridge the only place in Pensacola that it is legal to paint. Many people have used this Icon as a platform to express their love, announce an event, or honor the passing of a loved one.  Local street artists practice their craft, and express their creativity.

As a Pensacola native myself, I have greatly enjoyed The Graffiti Bridge.  When I was a kid, my mom took me under it and told me about the tradition, history and superstition that has become associated with this historic icon.  

“Honk twice as you pass under the bridge for good luck.”  Is but one of the many ways The Graffiti Bridge has been woven into the very fabric of Pensacola history and lore. 

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