The Graffiti Bridge wants to help you ring in the Holidays right with a unique twist.  If you or your family are looking for something exclusive to spice up your Holidays and add that extra sparkle to your eye and your Christmas Tree, the Graffiti Bridge has you covered.

For a limited time, only The Graffiti Bridge offers this one-of-a-kind Christmas ornament. Keeping with Pensacola tradition and steeped in over a hundred years of history, The Graffiti Bridge is proud to bring you layers of the past just in time to help usher in the future.

Since its construction was completed in 1888 by CSX, The Graffiti Bridge has been a Historic Icon for the Pensacola locals and tourists alike.  It has almost become a rite of passage for local organizations, individuals, nonprofits to raise awareness of their cause by designing a post and tagging the bridge.

These cutting-edge ornaments offer a less time-consuming and far more cost-effective way to participate in this proud tradition. These unique ornaments are not available at any retail store, or Amazon or eBay.  They are only accessible through The Graffiti Bridge exclusive online boutique,  We accept all methods of payment, and shipping is fast and convenient.

The ornaments themselves are high-quality, shatter-resistant glass.  Each ornament has been hand-etched and filled with layers of Pensacola’s oldest and most well-known and loved heritage marker.  Each one tells it’s own unique story.  You need only look closely, and you will see the last century of Pensacola heritage will unfold before your eyes.

If you would like to meet The Graffiti Bridge family in person, and more get a little more personal service, come on down and see us at the Palafox Market.  We are there every Saturday morning; 9 am to 2 pm.  We are the really colorful tent, with the backboards painted Samuel L.  Santa and the Grinch.  Stop for unique Christmas gifts, tee shirts, and wall hangings, all of which are themed for The Graffiti Bridge.

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