God Bless Texas

God Bless Texas

The Graffiti Bridge Family is proud to support the relief efforts of areas of East Texas hardest hit by Hurricane Harvey.

To do our part, The Graffiti Bridge Artist Slik the Writer tagged the bridge this morning with this impressive, full-panel piece.  “God Bless Texas.”  To raise awareness for the families displaced by Harvey.

The Graffiti Bridge also set up a link on our Facebook page to accept donations to help Harvey’s Victims.  Texas helped so much with the disaster relief from Ivan and Katrina.  Now it’s our turn to help them out.

As early as Thursday of last week, Red Cross volunteers from Pensacola and the surrounding areas were already heading west to help set-up and staff emergency shelters to prepare for landfall.

The Graffiti Bridge was at the bridge at 4:00 am, as our talented artist Slik, created this breathtaking mural.

The Graffiti Bridge recorded the event live, and streamed over our live Facebook feed.  The video is now available on our Facebook page. 

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