Summer is officially upon us. Oh yes, those endless days of sunny beaches, crystal blue waters and vacations galore.  Backyard cookouts, and just relaxing in the hammock.

But as the fourth of July approaches and summer heats up even more, we would like to take a moment to remind you of a few simple tips to BEAT the Summer Heat at The Graffiti Bridge.

In this day and age of air conditioning and tinted glass, sometimes we have a tendency to forget even a healthy person can be sensitive to the heat.  Heat fatigue, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke are very real health risks. They can sneak up on you before you KNOW it.

Therefore, we feel it’s very important to share this friendly reminder:

The bridge no longer has any public facilities of any kind.  With that in mind please be sure to come prepared with plenty of bug spray, sunscreen, hat and sunglasses.  Since it can take a few hours to half a day to paint, we also highly recommend bringing a cooler with lots of ice, cold drinks and plenty of water.  

Folding chairs and portable electric fans are highly recommended as well, although not essential. We also recommend some sort of shade to get under out of the direct sun. We also ask that you bring at least two 10 gallon trash bags to take your trash with you.

And, of course, the spray paint, stencils and throw sheet for your art.  You may also want to bring a camera aside from the one on your phone. There are many photo opportunities at the bridge.  

This location is perfect for art and wildlife photographers alike.  On the South side of the bridge there is the boat ramp leading to the bay, where dolphins are often seen frolicking in the waves lapping against the shoreline.

On the North side of the Graffiti Bridge is the storm runoff pond.  From massive bullfrogs, to some of the biggest soft shell turtles in the Pensacola area, The Graffiti Bridge offers many opportunities to get that perfect shot unique to The Graffiti Bridge.  

So we invite you to come down, bring the family, and celebrate Pensacola with a tradition almost as old as the City of Five Flags itself. And if you are new here, welcome friends.

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