Travel down the Scenic Highway, from I-10 toward downtown, and you come across something that has become nearly extinct in this high-tech, short attention spanned the world. #SaveAppleMarket

Where everything is condensed into bite-sized bullet points to be easily consumed, impersonal and mechanized, there is one place you can go to get that unique feeling of personalized human service.

Locally owned and operated, David Apple has built a market on old-fashioned, Christian values: Hard work, commitment, and customer service.

“Can I help you?” Is the catchphrase that struck me when I visited.  That and a genuine smile.

“Here sir, would you like a sample of our famous Jambalaya.” the man behind the deli counter asked me.  How could I refuse this level of service.

For the past 20 years, Mr. Apple has built up a supply chain of farmers and local suppliers so every item in his store is fresh, crisp, and ready-to-eat. None of his produce has been frozen and shipped across country in the back of freight trucks.

Unfortunately the legacy Mr. Apple has built with his blood, sweat and tears has fallen on hard times.  The economic downturn and introduction of large chain groceries such as Walmart's Neighborhood Markets eroded his profitability and made Apple Market unsustainable.

Without a considerable infusion of cash, Apple Market will have to close its doors by the end of this week.  

Apple Market desperately needs your help. Apple Market has a GoFundMe account to raise the needed capital to keep its doors open.

With your help, Apple Market will be able to continue serving the people of Pensacola fresh, locally grown produce and meats, home-cooked deli meals with that down-home hospitality that is nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

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  • Shaun

    We must all do everything we can to save the Apple Market. It is a Pensacola institution
    Not to mention the people who work there are good people!!
    Let’s do this Pensacola!!!

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