Today, The Graffiti Bridge artist Dakota Alualu was commissioned to dedicate a mural honoring the life of a very special young man. Chris Case was a loving husband, father, son and friend.  A man whose memory we hold near and dear in our hearts, now and forever.

As part of the custom mural honoring his life, Dakota incorporated the different aspects what made Chris the man he was.

The two main things Chris loved were fishing and playing his guitar, so Dakota depicted Chris as a fish, playing his guitar, as he raised awareness of the huge problem HIV, AIDS, and other immunodeficiency disorders are in this country.

Chris Case was born with hemophilia which is a genetic disorder where the blood has little or no clotting agents. His treatment included transfusions of clotting agents several times a week. These agents are manufactured from donated blood plasma, acquired from human donors.

At the tender age of five, Chris was transfused with a  tainted batch of clotting agents and contracted HIV.

“He could never get justice against the drug companies,” His mother, Jackie Moore said. “We lost all the lawsuits we filed in Chris' case. We were forced to file ourselves since there wasn't a lawyer in town who would touch it."

Despite all his health problems, Chris Case was happily married to Amanda Dodds Case, his High School sweetheart for 18 years. They had two children; Emily B. Case, age 17, and Brandon L. Case, age 14.

“Chris battled AIDS for 35 years,” Jackie said, “he was strong, courageous, hard working and never complained about his condition.”

Chris was finally laid to rest, on Tuesday, June 27, 2017. He passed quietly in his own bed surrounded by family and loved ones.

“If there were one thing Chris would want to be remembered for, it was his love of music,” Jackie told me.  “He wrote several songs, but they never got recorded.”

The Graffiti Bridge painted a custom mural in honor his life, raise awareness for his condition, and to honor his family in hopes that, justice will be served.

As we disposed of the empty paint cans and prepared to leave, Andy Moore, Chris' dad said he felt a presence and decided to stay.  

"Chris's health prevented him from doing much physical exertion, but being down here, by the bridge, well, it just seems like painting the bridge is something he would really enjoy doing," Moore said. 


  • Melody

    Many thanks to Dakota for his inspiration, precious time and awe inspiring message. I can’t think of a more appropriate way to honor Christopher and his family. The bridge looks amazing and gets the message out. Thanks so much, Dakota!

  • Ginger Wolford

    Just saw this online. What a powerful message behind this! We never know the battles others face! Blessings and sympathy to the entire family…praying for comfort knowing that his story and struggle has touched others. Blessings sent from West Virginia!

  • Jeni

    AWESOME!!! I know he’s proud, was one of his favorite places. What a tribute and honor of his memory with an awesome display of art in support and awareness. Thank you.

  • Aunt Vonnie

    This mural is Beautiful. Chris was a Blessing to us all, so much love in his heart and a Beautiful soul.

  • Roma Athan

    Thank you for telling my daughter’s and Chris’ story. Beautiful tribute to a wonderful young man.

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