In Pensacola WE wear Graffiti

In Pensacola WE wear Graffiti

The Graffiti Bridge is a beautiful work of art, ever-evolving, living, breathing art.  It has been called many things over the years: “The 17th Ave art museum,” a “Pensacola icon,” and even sometimes an “eyesore.”

It has been tagged, photographed, videoed and proposed on.  It has been a platform for change, and a celebration of the ancient traditions that are deeply rooted in the very foundation of Pensacola itself.

The Graffiti Bridge is nothing if not evolving with the times. The landscape of the bridge changes nearly as fast as the landscape of Pensacola.  If something happens that affects Pensacola, it will probably be on the Bridge by the next morning. And it will be gone just as fast.

Every time someone tags the bridge, Pensacola history is being made. Join the local artists, both amateur and professional, who have used the bridge as special medium to express their imagination and creativity.

These messages, fueled by the hopes, dreams, passions, issues and local trends, have been recorded for 100 years for all to see. These layers of history recorded right there on the pillars, girders, and side-walls of the bridge.

So join The Graffiti Bridge in honoring this proud Pensacola tradition of tagging the bridge. We will  stand together and say in one voice. “In Pensacola, we wear graffiti!!”

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