The Graffiti Bridge is proud to announce our new line of high-quality, custom made, hand-carved ‘graffiti-gem’ rings, set in sterling silver.

The Graffiti Bridge crafts each ‘gem’ painstakingly out of layers of Pensacola History. Hand-carved from layers of paint from The Graffiti Bridge, the result represents a one-of-a-kind form of Graffiti Artistry.

These ‘graffiti-gems,’ are then sealed, polished and finally come out the other side as dazzling pieces of Graffiti Bridge Art. No single ‘gem,’ is ever the same as the next one.  

Not available at any local retail outlet, or tourist shack in town, these unique, hand-made, high-quality products are only available at the online art boutique dedicated to Pensacola's own historic Icon,

Surf on in, and see for yourself why The Graffiti Bridge is your exclusive one-stop-shop for the latest, cutting-edge trends in wearable art with a graffiti connection.  When it comes to Pensacola's heritage, The Graffiti Bridge doesn’t just keep up with the local trends.  The Graffiti Bridge is out front, setting the trends.

If you would prefer to meet The Graffiti Bridge in person, please feel free to join us at Palafox Market. We are there every Saturday morning, 9am to 2pm.  While you are there, meet the brilliant artist behind the scenes of every individual piece. You can also pick out your own piece of Pensacola and not have to wait for shipping! Get yours today and join The Graffiti Bridge. “In Pensacola, we wear Graffiti!”

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