Anyone who has taken high school science knows an ancient oak tells the story of the mighty tree in the rings of its trunk. If it's a good year, the rings are wide and healthy, if the year is lean, the rings are narrow, and darker, indicating much less potential for growth and prosperity.  As the rings in an oak tell its story, so the layers of spray paint that make up the skin of The Graffiti Bridge tell a similar story.

They tell stories of love and loss, of courage and betrayal, triumph and disaster. The stage is set against a sparkling backdrop that are the blue waters of the Gulf of Mexico. This story marks the growth and  progress of a small southern port town and its transformation into the bustling tourist attraction that represents 21st Century Pensacola.

Through it all, The Graffiti Bridge stands. Like a silent sentinel it overlooks the activities with an expression akin to mild amusement. The locals with their paint cans, spraying their hopes, passions and dreams onto the skin of the bridge.


These last hundred years have been a true whirlwind of progress. All this and more are recorded and saved in the layers of the past on the skin of The Graffiti Bridge. It is this dream The Graffiti Bridge has kept alive for over a century, and these are the dreams 100 years in the making.

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