The Graffiti Bridge team is honored to be able to help the grieving members of Wings of Hope, living forward organization for grieving parents to celebrate the lives of the children they have lost.

To honor their memories The Graffiti Bridge artist Chaz Ogden brought his considerable talent to create this majestic mural.  

It has been said the word for a wife who loses a husband is a widow, and a child who loses a parent is an orphan, but as extensive as the English language is, there is no word that can describe the horror experienced by a parent who loses a child.


The Wings of Hope, Living Life Forward is an organization designed to help parents cope with, and eventually start to heal from the unimaginable trauma of this truly horrendous tragedy.

Every grieving parent must find a way to continue to live with this loss, and it's a lonely journey without others who understand the true blackness of this debilitating pain. Wings of Hope Living Forward helps the grieving find their way.

Once a year, members from around the country come together to find strength and heal together. This year, they decided to meet here, swap stories, share their experiences and try to face another day one-step-at-a-time.

“Stairway to Heaven,” was the chosen theme, and so Chaz airbrushed the stairway, along with the names of all the lost souls making their way up to heaven. Such an amazing visual representation of the feelings of love and loss.

We at The Graffiti Bridge are truly honored that this organization chose us to help them celebrate the memories of their loved ones. We would like to thank the ladies of “Wings of Hope,” moving forward, for allowing us to be a part of their personal journey toward healing.  If you would like to help with their cause or would like more information, please click here for their site.


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