Local Youth use The Graffiti Bridge to support their candidate

Local Youth use The Graffiti Bridge to support their candidate

No one can dispute the power of The Graffiti Bridge to spread local messages and take a stand. It has been used by charities to promote their message, high school sweethearts to confess their love, and individuals to raise awareness for such causes as Breast Cancer.

But never was the creative, lasting and sheer power of the bridge put to such a unique use as the 2016 election.  Ten Pensacola  youth harnessed The Graffiti Bridge to support candidate Bernie Sanders.

Instead of staying at home where it was warm, they were out at the crack-of-dawn, painting the bridge blue, then writing messages on it, supporting their candidate.

With the temperature in the low 30’s, and the wind chill factor even colder, these ten hardy souls wanted to spread Sanders message to anyone willing to listen.

We painted the bridge because we wanted to increase the visibility of his name and show that he has a lot of local support,” said one of the participants, Hilary Turner.

“I am supporting Bernie Sanders because he wants real political reform, to get big money influence out of politics, close corporate tax loopholes, he wants to provide free higher education and universal health care, raise the minimum wage, and most importantly for me, he wants to tackle our climate and environmental crisis,” Turner said.

For more information, see http://pulsegulfcoast.com/2016/01/sanders-supporters-paint-Pensacola-graffiti-bridge

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