Low Clearance

Low Clearance

And the concrete can opener strikes again! At 12:48 yesterday another unsuspecting motorist was suddenly clobbered, causing him to lose his full air conditioning unit and control panel from the top of his RV camper trailer.

He didn’t seem to even notice the crash though, or else he was in a hurry to reach his vacation destination. He didn’t even pause, just kept right on cruising up 17th avenue.

Fortunately, there was a group of locals who cleaned up the debris and got it out of the road.  

“There have been about 13 crashes in the last 12 months,” Pensacola Police Department Mike Wood told PNJ’s Troy Moon after a similar crash. This is not the first time this year there have been collisions with The Graffiti Bridge.

On July 28, when the PNJ ran its story on the crashes, it was a “Two men and a Truck,” moving van that bore the brunt of the crash. The crash yesterday actually makes 14 in total trucks, 18 wheelers and RV’s that have done battle with the bridge. And the year is not over yet.

These crashes have prompted the PPD to affectionately nickname Graffiti Bridge “Pensacola Concrete Can opener.” Due to the frequency with which they tend to occur.

In this latest crash, which occurred Friday, August 17th, 2018.  The driver of this camper trailer failed to heed the warning signs.

“The signs say 10 feet 8 inches clearance, not eleven feet,” according to “The Graffiti Bridge” Facebook page. Apparently the driver of the pickup hauling the RV camper didn’t notice the jolt as his air conditioner unit and controls were torn clean off. He didn’t even pause to look back as debris from his camper littered the roadway under the bridge.

“Was that the air conditioner? I’m sure they are going to be hot in more than one way,” Sandra Jordan commented on The Graffiti Bridge facebook page.

And so, once again, if anyone is keeping score, the bridge remains the decisive winner.  So far the score board would read: Bridge Fourteen, Truck ZERO!!

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