Metal Print Monday

Metal Print Monday

The Graffiti Bridge is happy to announce its newest line of graffiti bridge items.  We have a full line of high-resolution metal prints, completely customized, and made to your specifications.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Having your graffiti art as metal prints will leave you speechless.  Only in metal will your art have the same degree of breathtaking depth, and amazing detail.

We have been taking pictures of the bridge since mid-2014. If you have tagged the bridge since then and would like a copy of your painting before it was painted over, let us know.

If we do have a picture of your bridge tag, we can transfer it to a beautiful, clear, high-quality metal image, complete with an attached fixture so you can hang it on any wall you choose.

Create a stunning work of art and preserve your favorite moments.  Metal prints are beautifully functional decor that endures.  Living room, dining room, kids room, and kitchen.  Make a strong statement with the timeless beauty of metal.

The Graffiti Bridge is currently taking orders for tags to print to metal.  If you would like yours, please contact us.  Our direct line is 850.361.9306. Also, visit our website and like us on Facebook.

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