One Extraordinary Piece

One Extraordinary Piece

That’s right guys.  We at The Graffiti Bridge are back at it, this time bringing you yet another featured piece.  In keeping it real for y'all we pick only the very best pieces for our Featured Friday.

The Graffiti Bridge has been painted by some really talented graffiti artists, but the “Halloween Edition,” this week, is the best I’ve ever seen!

The Graffiti Bridge has been called “Pensacola’s original Social Media site.” But I like to think of it more as a bulletin board, where people can come together to share their ideas with the community.

But unlike a digital social media site or bulletin board, the images on The Graffiti Bridge are a direct extension of the artist's talent and creativity.

This is the beauty of a true graffiti artist.  When they work, it's not like an image or a drawing, but more like consciousness flowing from their fingertips and onto the surface, they are painting.

Local artist of CabPowell Design is such an artist. It has been said that all it takes is a little paint and a lot of imagination to tag the bridge.  Powell takes it to the next level with imagination, raw talent and artistic skills he’s honed over many hours of practice.

And so, it is with great pleasure The Graffiti Bridge presents this week's “Featured Friday!!”

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