Please come home, Payton

Please come home, Payton

Good Afternoon Pensacola. It’s your boy Tom, Comin Atcha from The Graffiti Bridge.Today’s message is a bit more somber than I usually post.

Last night some teenagers stopped by to paint the bridge with this special message. This in itself is nothing unusual. Teens have been painting the bridge for over a century now.  

However, the message last night was what was unique. It was a bit melancholy, but also with a hint of hope.

We would like to join in a moment of silence to ask for the safety, and the swift and safe return home of Payton. “Please Come Home Payton!!”

The full mural across the lower support structure of The Graffiti Bridge says it all.  “Please come home Payton. We love you.” On the left hand side. And then. “We <heart> you Payton,” and two pictures of her on the right hand side. There is also the hashtag, “Comehomepayton.”

This mural more than anything else expresses the deep pain, devastation and loss of her family and friends as they try to come to terms with this incredible tragedy.

Payton Pacheco went missing this Monday, August 20th in the Brittany Forge Subdivision.She was last seen wearing shorts and a sweatshirt and carrying a big, black duffle bag.

Let’s keep Payton and her family and friends in our thoughts and prayers and hope she will soon be reunited with her family safe and sound.

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