The Graffiti Bridge is pleased to announce a very special painting ceremony today.  The local group Seedless Green painted The Graffiti Bridge to help promote its message to end the federal prohibition of Marijuana.

The last time Seedless Green painted the bridge, they were escorted off the premises by the Pensacola Police Department.

Seedless Green used the reach of The Graffiti Bridge to help inform the public of its simple, yet powerful message.

Marijuana is an extremely versatile and useful crop, that is by no means limited to just getting high.  

The biggest is non-recreational use is to treat epileptic seizures. Approximately 50,000 people die every year from the seizures brought about by epilepsy. A component of cannabis, CBD, is proven to be extremely effective in treating the seizures brought about by epilepsy, both in adults and children.

Our children need more effective programs for them to reach out to in times of distress, compassionate drug abuse intervention, and educational programs for support.

Those with illnesses that can benefit from marijuana have been denied proper access to this medicine.

Men and women have been caught by the legal system in their struggle for freedom, and those who have been imprisoned for nonviolent drug offenses deserve amnesty and assistance while re-entering the community.

To this end, The Graffiti Bridge is proud to be a platform to promote the positive message of Seedless Green.  We encourage everyone to come together, write letters to your representatives, and together we can help enact a positive change for our children and their future.

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