Shout out to Pensacola from The Graffiti Bridge.

Shout out to Pensacola from The Graffiti Bridge.

The staff of The Graffiti Bridge is honored and very proud that Leslie and Kevin chose us to promote the “Save the Date,” announcement for their upcoming wedding with us.

Leslie wanted her wedding announcement to reflect a special flavor that was unique to Pensacola. As the spirit of her special day, she chose The Graffiti Bridge as the icon to lend that flavor while promoting the message of her and Kevin's wedding

If you or your organization would like to tap into that same unique Pensacola flavor,  you too can use The Graffiti Bridge icon to spread your own message.   

The friendly staff here at The Graffiti Bridge are more than happy to help you paint the bridge to promote your own unique message.

Just give us the date and time you want to paint the bridge, and we will video it and put the video up on our website. We will also livestream it on Facebook, and promote it over our vast network of Social Media platforms.  If this is your first time painting the bridge, no worries, The Graffiti Bridge has you covered.  

For detailed instructions on how to paint the bridge, please reference The Graffiti Bridge Blog: “So you want to paint The Bridge.”  There you will find a detailed list of supplies you need, and some tips and tricks we have found to be helpful. Bring a tent for shade, a cooler with lots of ice and cold water, etc.

If you yourself are not an artist, not to worry.  Leslie had The Graffiti Bridge's team of talented artists paint the bridge for her to her unique specifications.

Just contact us and ask how you too, can have the message of your choice, promoted on the historic Pensacola landmark, that is The Graffiti Bridge.

You can contact The Graffiti Bridge anytime through Facebook as Leslie did, by phone during regular business hours at 850.361.9306. Or through the “Contact Us,” tab on our website 

We look forward to hearing from you and are standing by to spread your custom message here at The Graffiti Bridge.

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