Telling the story of Pensacola since the early 1900s

Telling the story of Pensacola since the early 1900s

People have been telling stories since the beginning of history. Word of mouth and pictures were the earliest ways to convey theses stories. Since then, people have found many different means of storytelling.

At The Graffiti Bridge, we understand this need and offer a medium as unique as Pensacola itself. With only a few cans of spray paint, available at any neighborhood department store, people have been telling their stories by painting them on The Graffiti Bridge since the early  1900’s.

Since then, The Graffiti Bridge has gained the reputation as the most photographed historic landmark in Pensacola. This makes The Graffiti Bridge the ideal medium to share your story.  It’s as easy as just a few strokes of a paint can.

But if your story is a little more complex, or you want a high-quality mural to represent your message, contact us.  We have some of the best graffiti artists in the business standing by, spray paint in hand, to tell your story in high quality and great detail.

We will post the pictures on our website, and live-stream the painting across our vast social media network.

Call us at 850.361.9306 to schedule a time for us to tell your story.  Please visit our website, and like us on Facebook The Graffiti Bridge.

If you want to meet us in person, look for our booth at Saturday Market, Downtown on Palafox Street.

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