The Graffiti Bride is pleased to showcase this tag as the “Piece-of-the-Week.”

The Graffiti Bride is pleased to showcase this tag as the “Piece-of-the-Week.”

This time every week The Graffiti Bridge digs through the archives and picks the picture of the week.  This week one piece stood out to me more than all the others.  

The Pensacola Chapter of Narcotics Annonmous of America tagged the bridge with an impressive mural raising awareness for their cause.

These are the kinds of murals The Graffiti Bridge is proud to promote.  Pieces like this, that exhibit a powerful message is what The Graffiti Bridge is all about.

The fact that NA have roots that run deep into the community while showcasing people helping people makes their message that much more compelling.

The Graffiti Bridge really enjoys helping the people of Pensacola reach out to the community. We are pleased to provide area non-profits with unique platform to raise the awareness and promote a call-to-action for the individual cause.

If your non-profit would like to utilize the bridge to raise awareness for your own cause, We at The Graffiti Bridge are standing by to assist with the tagging, promotion, and distribution of your message.

The Graffiti Bridge will utilize our website with a million views, as well as our extensive social media network to spread the word of your organization. We get 40,000 hits on our Facebook page along. 

Pleas contact us at 850.361.9306, to reserve a time.  We have some of the most talented graffiti artists standing by to erect your own masterpiece. For more information, please check out our website. While there be sure to "like," us on Facebook, and "follow," us on Twitter.


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