The Graffiti Bridge at Gallery Night:  Friday, May 20, 2017

The Graffiti Bridge at Gallery Night: Friday, May 20, 2017

As the streets of Downtown once again close for Gallery Night, there is a New Kid on the Block.

The Graffiti Bridge spent its first Gallery Night in Downtown Pensacola last night.  We really enjoyed getting to participate. The corner of Government and Jefferson was a prime location, and gave us easy access to power for our overhead lights.

We at The Graffiti Bridge are extremely excited to add gallery night to our growing list of venues. As we keep growing and expanding, we look forward to finding even more ways to serve the Pensacola area.

Next month promises even more opportunities. The Graffiti Bridge will be downtown again on June 16th.

As the streets close down, the lights come up, the music plays, and the staff of The Graffiti Bridge will continue to find new ways to serve our community.  We take every opportunity to promote local events, raise awareness for our local charities, and spread the word for our local non-profits.

We are here to get your organization's ideas out into the community. We at The Graffiti Bridge are ready, willing and able to serve.

For more information about how you to can get this exciting pieces as well as other unique pieces from the paint off The Graffiti Bridge, visit our website or on social media us thru #humpday to the weekend! Come see #thegraffitibridge at this months Gallery Night.  #gallerynight @sevillequarterartistrow on Friday, July 21, 2017

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