The Graffiti Bridge Boardwalk featured on WEAR Channel 3

The Graffiti Bridge Boardwalk featured on WEAR Channel 3

The Graffiti Bridge is pleased to announce an update to our blog post “The Graffiti Bridge Boardwalk: Our two cents worth,” posted on 18 July.

The WEAR Channel 3 News aired a story about The Graffiti Bridge Boardwalk this past Monday. The story showcased the beautiful wildlife sanctuary that had evolved out of a city-built filtration pond. This pond became the centerpiece for the Graffiti Bridge Boardwalk and Wildlife Sanctuary.

The WEAR piece demonstrated once again the story of a beautiful wildlife habitat that grew up around a city built filtration pond.  The Channel 3 news team did an excellent job detailing the level of disrepair The Graffiti Bridge Boardwalk has fallen into over the years.

The story was made possible by several interviews by none other than The Graffiti Bridges own Photographer Bill Brazzel who met the WEAR TV crew at the Graffiti Bridge Boardwalk and walked them through the sad condition The Graffiti Boardwalk has fallen into.

I was at The Graffiti Bridge Boardwalk just a few days ago, and I that someone actually had cut the grass along the West side of The Graffiti Bridge Boardwalk. A small step to be sure. But definitely a step in the right direction.

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