The Graffiti Bridge Brings yet another “Featured Friday.”

The Graffiti Bridge Brings yet another “Featured Friday.”

The Graffiti Bridge is rolling out a new Featured Friday this week.  Here I review pictures of bridge tags and select this weeks feature. After careful consideration, this week was a slam dunk.  

This piece really spoke to me.  The first time I saw it, my heart ached for Jonah’s parents.  While I never personally met Jonah, I understand a parent's grief at losing a child.

I lost a child back in 2003; fifteen years later, my heart is still breaking. People say time heals all wounds. Maybe it does, but sometimes it take a whole lot longer.

And so, I would like to give a very special dedication to Jonah’s parents, siblings, friends and loved one’s. He may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

I need you to touch,
I need you to see,
I need you so much,
I need you with me.

Come to me, Jonah,
And whisper my name.
Tell me you're happy,
and I'll be the same.

We at The Graffiti Bridge thank you for allowing us to help you honor the memory of your dear Jonah Bear. We hope it helps to bring you a little solace in these difficult times. Rest In Peace, you will always and forever be Mommy’s little Sunshine.

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