The Graffiti Bridge caught this dynamic Image

The Graffiti Bridge caught this dynamic Image

Our talented photographer Bill Brazzell caught this image of the promo bus, as it passed under The Graffiti Bridge this morning.

The Promo Bus is a VW bus that travels the neighborhoods of Downtown Pensacola to the breezy dunes of Pensacola Beach.  The Promo Bus offers a variety of marketing and branding services based on ads painted on the body of the bus.

“I’ve been operating the bus for about a year now.” Said Promo Bus owner Nick Sexton. Sexton, a Pensacola native, interned at different marketing firms while he was in college. After he graduated, he spent many years in marketing around the country, but Pensacola called to him.

“We have a fleet totaling twelve vehicles now,” Sexton Said.  In addition to his Promo Bus business, his wife owns a growing event planning business.

“We have five buses for our marketing services, and the other seven buses we use for weddings.  Two of the buses are equipped with photo booths, and are extremely popular at the weddings we do.” Sexton said.

The Graffiti Bridge gives a special Shoutout to our photographer Bill Brazzell who sprinted across the lot to catch up with the bus and get this incredible shot.  Great job Bill!!  

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