The Graffiti Bridge is pleased to welcome Rat King to our growing family of graffiti artists.  

Rat King reached out to The Graffiti Bridge a few weeks ago and asked if she could put some of her stickers for sale in our booth at the Palafox Market.

After a bit of dialogue and meeting up with her face to face, we are going to feature her stickers and possibly some of her other pieces at the market as well as on our website.

In addition to her stickers, Rat King also paints, writes and plays music and hosts the "Ragna-rock,” radio show on the radio station, Radio Free Pensacola. Her show is 2:00 p.m. (ET).

On the show, she plays a mixture of punk, indie, and electronic music. She also frequently showcases the music of local artists based right here in Pensacola.

To find out more on our very own Rat King, surf on over to her Instagram, @ratking.all.hail. Here you will find up to date pictures and expanded content


Once again, thank you for reaching out to us. The Graffiti Bridge welcomes you to our family. Click here to see the art -


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