The Graffiti Bridge is pleased to announce we are featured in today's issue of Pensacola News Journal.  The News Journal showcased The Graffiti Bridge in its announcement of Palafox Market’s ten year anniversary. The Palafox Market has long been the most lucrative venue for The Graffiti Bridge.

On average the Palafox Market brings a good 1,500 to 4,500 people to Palafox St. between 9am and 2pm. Palafox Market makes a positive impact on the local economy and health of Pensacola small businesses.  It also is also the perfect venue to help promote local artists and craftsmen.

The cool thing about the market is it is pretty much rain or shine.  There have been some mornings when it has rained, but not for long.  The Graffiti Bridge has walls for its booth, so we can do that if necessary.

Generally though, the weather has been quite favorable, even though there has been the occasional  scattered thunderstorm along the  Palafox area in Downtown Pensacola.

This is the second time this month The Graffiti Bridge has been featured in a local publication.  The first time was in the center spread in Bella Magazine.

The Graffiti Bridge would like to thank the PNJ, Palafox Market, and most of all, the Pensacola public for your continued support.  We would not be able to do what we do without you.

We greatly value your business, and thank you for allowing us to serve you.  We look forward to continue to serve you in the foreseeable future. Please be sure to check out our website. You are also welcome to visit us on our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter.

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