The Graffiti Bridge "MPP" Most Popular Pallet $99

The Graffiti Bridge "MPP" Most Popular Pallet $99

Newborn Loggerhead

Tiny sea turtle; creeps its way across white beach sands to sea.
Newly hatched reptile, learning to swim into his new life; he’s free.
One day, he will grow into a very fine loggerhead.

The Graffiti Bridge is pleased to announce its Most Popular Product. The Graffiti Sea Turtle Wall Art. That's right folks, for a limited time only you too can own this high-quality Piece to hang on your wall, for only $99. 

Each piece is cutting-edge, intricately hand-carved from chips of paint from The Graffiti Bridge.

The backboard is exotic pallet wood. Individualized to each customers design; either stained or unstained to meet your individual needs. This makes The Graffiti Bridges wall art quite the novel piece to give your room that personal touch.

The Graffiti Bridge has shipped these art pieces Coast-to-Coast, from Canada to Alaska, and everywhere in between. We are proud to bring you this unique hanging wall art, and we hope you enjoy your symbolic journey “Under Da Sea.”

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