Good afternoon Pensacola.  Tom Moore here, coming attcha live from The Graffiti Bridge. We at the Graffiti Bridge work hard to bring the unique flavor of Pensacola to you by providing you with a free platform to promote your message and wearable art with a graffiti connection.


Now is your opportunity to help us out. If you have tagged the bridge, if you have given the gift of Pensacola graffiti art to a friend or loved one, or if you have seen us Saturday morning at the Palafox Market and you really like what we are doing, we need your help.

It has come to our attention that InWeekly holds its annual "Best of the Coast," contest every summer.  Now you have the opportunity to vote for your favorites along the Gulf Coast; naming your favorite Pensacola Landmark, Favorite Artist, Favorite Palafox Market Vendor, Favorite thing to do, and Favorite place in town to take your visiting guests. Best new store, Best Jeweler and Most Unique Jewelry.

If you value what The Graffiti Bridge does, if we have been there for you, helping share your message, and if you just like our art, be there for us. Please consider us when you vote for these categories.

Pensacola is a beautiful community that we all share, and since its conception, The Graffiti Bridge has worked hard to help promote that beauty within our community.  


Please help us out, if everyone works together, we can accomplish great things.  Thank you, and God bless you.

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