The Graffiti Bridge: New Intro Video

The Graffiti Bridge has been called the most photographed icon in Pensacola.  It has also been called the Original Social Media platform.  The Graffiti Bridge has over one hundred years of memories, hopes, dreams, and passions recorded in the layers of the past on its skin of graffiti.

Such a beautiful array of hopes and dreams,
Hours of work on the color schemes.
Just a collection of individual lines,
but when they coalesce,
they form the art of our times.

The Graffiti Bridge truly is a collection of individual lines, coalescing into living art forming a Kaleidoscope of colors, emotions, and passions. A stream of consciousness flowing from the artists' hands into the fabric of The Graffiti Bridge.

“The Graffiti Bridge is a community bulletin board. It is a gallery. It is a battleground and an obituary page.  It is a primitive social media site. Although it is a Pensacola icon, there is a quality that transcends the local voice to say something universal about the expression of art within a community, about the flux and change of life, within us and without, as individuals, and as a village.”

And to bring this village fully into the 21st Century, The Graffiti Bridge family is proud to present the very first video presentation of The Graffiti Bridge. Drone Shotz Aerial Imaging shot and edited this amazing footage to bring about the very first official video for The Graffiti Bridge.

“The Graffiti Bridge serves as a platform for expression. It is a stage to express political views, a billboard to inform of upcoming events, and a canvas for street artists,” Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward III said at an official address to the Pensacola Museum of Commerce art exhibit.

For more than a century now, The Graffiti Bridge has been a platform for the people of Pensacola to express their art, emotions, creativity, and passions.  But more importantly, its where they express their hopes and dreams. Their hopes for a better life, and dreams of a loving partner to share that life.

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