This has been an exciting week for The Graffiti Bridge, and it just keeps getting more and more exciting. For everyone, like myself, who thought The Graffiti Bridge is just a Pensacola icon, think again.

The Graffiti Bridge has joined Fort Pickens as one of the “Featured Places to Visit,” By The Atlas Obscura website.

“Atlas Obscura: The definitive guide to the world's most wondrous and curious places to visit,” features hidden and obscure destinations from around the world.

These are the hidden gems, local spots that are not listed in any standard issue Travel Guides.  From Milan to Paris, from The Virgin Islands to Tahiti, and everywhere in between.

From this impressive list, The Graffiti Bridge family is honored to have been chosen as one of the “hidden gems,” Atlas Obscura recommends people visit when they come to vacation on our sunny beaches, and near tropical climate.

My favorite part of the article is the “Know Before You Go,” section which advises visitors to:

“Park at the city boat ramp adjacent to the bridge. If you walk around the bridge, be mindful of oncoming traffic that has poor visibility coming around the curve. If your vehicle is taller than 10'8", do not attempt to drive under the bridge. Bring a can of paint and add to the canvas.”

This is good advice for locals and tourists alike.  Most of the messages on the bridge are just simple tags.  Small designs in a single color of paint.  

Anyone who passes under the bridge is encouraged to take few moments to write a personal tag. It is a great feeling when you have left your mark on a piece of Pensacola heritage.

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