The Graffiti Bridge promotes One Woman’s Mission.

The Graffiti Bridge promotes One Woman’s Mission.

The Graffiti Bridge is proud to help spread the message of one Pensacola woman who is determined to make a difference in the lives of dozens of pets affected by Hurricane Irma.

As hundreds of Florida residents fled in the hours before the storm, evacuating to safer conditions, dozen’s left their pets behind.

48 dogs and 2 cats were found in the final hours leading up to Irma’s landfall. The were left in cages, tied to cars and fences so they could not escape.

They were abandoned by their owners as the water continuously rose, and the approaching storm promised imminent devastation.

But for Pensacola resident Mickie McCloskey, this was a ‘call-to-arms.’ “I will be traveling to South Florida Fri 15th @ 4pm to help rescue stranded and abandoned animals.” McCloskey announced on her facebook page, shared by The Graffiti Bridge.

“I am collecting donations of dog/cat food , leashes & collars all sizes , blankets (clean & smoke free please) and crates all sizes don't need to be new just usable and can be broken down for transport in my jeep! You can also donate at my PayPal acct @ Thank you so much for your support.”

Please help Mickie by donating badly needed supplies to the and to her paypal account.  It is completely heart-wrenching what was done to those poor animals.  I can’t even imagine what they must have gone through.

The Graffiti Bridge is more than happy to help spread her message and raise awareness for the dozens of homeless, stranded, or abandoned puppies and kittens.

We at The Graffiti Bridge are proud to be associated with someone like Mickie who is spending her own time and money to drive into a disaster zone, and rescue these animals.

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