It has been postulated that there is someone for everyone. We all have our own “Soul Mate,” out there. Our perfect complement. To use the old cliche, “That half, that makes us whole.”

From ancient Greek Mythology, the “Soulmate” myth originated. When the universe was still young, the earth was populated by strange beings. These beings had two heads, four legs and four arms.

These beings represented the full living whole: the yin/yang. The light/dark. The male/female, and the duality they shared.

But Zeus was afraid they would become too powerful, so he split them in two. Now the world contained beings with only one head, two arms and two legs.  

These beings are one-half, either yin or yang. Light or dark. Male or female.  But, deep in our heart of hearts, we humans long to be reconnected with our other, living halves, and be complete again.  

Some of us are lucky enough to find our soulmate soon, for others, it takes a bit longer.  But, when we find each other, it cannot be denied.

There is that sudden spark, when you catch the eye of a complete stranger, but it feels like you knew them all your life. That crackle of electricity, when you catch someone’s eye across a crowded room, and you know, somehow, they are special to you.

When you start a random conversation with a complete stranger, and you wind up talking for the rest of the night.

There are only two ways these interactions can go: you can either listen to it, find your soul-mate and live happily ever after, or you can ignore it.

Mark Rogers chose to listen:
Mark met his soulmate while they were attending High School together at PHS.  He was a Junior and she was a Freshmen.  They hit it off so well, they actually got engaged on the 22nd of September, 1987.

Unfortunately, the difference in their ages made it difficult for them to be together, so he enlisted in the Navy at age 18 to serve his country.  He was shipped overseas, and lost touch with his fiancee for the next couple of years.  

But, even though they were half-a world apart, she was never far from his heart. “I was always thinking about her.” Rogers confessed. “We got back in contact at the end of 2015, and things just fell into place.  I love her so very much.”

They got to try again in September of this year.  The Graffiti Bridge was there, and caught it all!

First Rogers painted an exquisite mural, then he painted two check boxes, then he painted YES, or NO.

For the grand finale, he proposed to to Peaches, knelt down, gave her a ring, then offered her a can of yellow spray paint to check the proper check box.  She said yes!

What a romantic way to propose.  Every guy should take a page outta your playbook man.  Peaches is lucky to have a man like you.  You and she definitely are soulmates in the purest sense of the word.

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