The Graffiti Bridge reaches 40,000 likes! Thank You Pensacola.

The Graffiti Bridge reaches 40,000 likes! Thank You Pensacola.

It all started as an idea, an idea deeply rooted to a Pensacola idea. The idea that art should be free. That ideas should be shared, and individual creativity should be celebrated.

This idea was symbolized by The Graffiti Bridge. Symbols possess a power.  That power is greater than the sum total of its parts.  Beneath the layers of paint, the brick, mortar and concrete, the bridge is a symbol.

A symbol of hopes and dreams.  A symbol of the passion, good will, and ideology of a community that spans a generation.

Starting two and a half years ago, The Graffiti Bridge published our first picture on our brand new Facebook page. The idea was to take a snapshot of the the ever-changing skin of the bridge and freeze that moment in time. Then convert that moment into wall art, so people could have a tangible memory.

To this end, The Graffiti bridge offered metal prints from pictures taken of the the bridge art. Our metal prints are beautifully functional decor that endures. This allows you to preserve your favorite moments from The Graffiti Bridge.

From those humble beginnings, The Graffiti Bridge has grown to who we are today. The Graffiti Bridge now offers four different lines of Graffiti Bridge Memorabilia. We added T-shirts, Coffee mugs, and our best-selling line of Graffiti Bridge Jewelry.

The Graffiti Bridge Family would like to give a huge shout-out to everyone on our Facebook page. Thanks to you and your continued support we just reached 40 thousand followers. Thank you for allowing us to continue to serve you.

Although The Graffiti Bridge is a Pensacola icon it is so much more. There is a quality of it that transcends the local voice.  This quality says something universal about the expression of art within a community, about the flux and change of life, within us and without, as individuals, and as a village.

The Graffiti Bridge family will continue working really hard to bring, cultivate and nurture the essence of what The Graffiti Bridge is to each and every one of you.  We strive to be the best to serve your needs, so we can proudly stand together and say in one voice: “In Pensacola, we wear graffiti.”

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