Story Updates from The Graffiti Bridge

Story Updates from The Graffiti Bridge

Hey guys. Today I wanted to do a quick follow-up of two of the stories I posted on earlier blogs. ”

The Graffiti Bridge would like to observe a follow-up for Chris Case.  The Graffiti Bridge's own master artist Dakota painted this magnificent  memorial, in honor of Chris’ memory. It turns out Brandon Case, Chris’s fourteen year old son has taken up guitar.  Just like his dad.  According to an article in Tuesday’s article in the Pensacola News Journal. “He’s been a lot more interested now.” Said Amanda Case, Chris’ widow.  “I think helps connect him to his dad.”

In other news, just this Sunday, Savanna Stevison, contacted me to let me know they held a “Justice for Doof,” balloon release and lantern vigil at Pensacola Beach to honor the memory of her twin Deanna Stevison.

 The Graffiti Bridge promoted their piece, and incorporated it into some of our most popular products. The Graffiti Bridge family fully supports #JusticeforD, may she Rest in Peace.

The Graffiti Bridge is always ready, willing, and able to help. We have the best graffiti artists standing by, spray-can in hand to convert your message into a magnificent work of art.  By using this unique medium to spread your message, we at The Graffiti Bridge family are doing our small part to help make Pensacola a better place, one spray-can at a time.

So, there ya have it folks!!  The Graffiti Bridge Wacky Wednesday edition.  We are weird, we are wacky, and we are coming attcha live, so tune in next week for more of the weird and wacky right here with The Graffiti Bridge!

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