Worship the Women! ~ art or inappropriate?

Worship the Women! ~ art or inappropriate?

Below you'll find an image you might consider inappropriate. Today we share this image via our website only to document not to promote. We don't control what content is painted on The Graffiti Bridge, only whats shared via our social platform. 

Our Quote "With The Graffiti Bridge your only limitations are your imagination and ability to create.
Yes, some would say what was done this morning might be inappropriate but... to others it’s art.
In the past we’ve tried to remain unbiased and post everything, but we realize that’s not always possible on social media.
That being said, we will be sharing today’s artwork through our website at TheGraffitiBridge.com"
~ The Graffiti Bridge

This was the artwork painted today... 04/03/2018 

Worship The Women

And this artwork was painted on 04/10/2017

Graffiti Bridge 04/12/2017

 We understand that neither of these images are something you'd like to see painted on The Graffiti Bridge everyday, but like all art it promotes conversation. And is that really such a bad thing? 

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  • John - April 04, 2018

    If your 7 year old has questions about this painting an honest conversation might not hurt.

  • Kelly - April 04, 2018

    I don’t find it personally offensive but wouldn’t want to have to talk to a 7 yr old about it on the way to school. So for as much as my opinion counts I think that it should not have been painted in a public space.

  • jay girl - April 04, 2018

    These are “private parts”. . . not to be publicized on a bridge.

  • Gigi - April 04, 2018

    I think worship the women was great and the penis non descript!

  • Rich - April 04, 2018

    Penis…meh. Swastika… meh. 666… meh. Hate speech… meh. Profanity… meh. Pentagram…meh. F bombs … meh. VAGINA!!! Call the nightly news!

  • Me3tv - April 04, 2018

    Jack Ass publicity seekers. They won! Bet they get a lot of clicks. That is the American way.

  • Tom Moore - April 04, 2018

    It all depends on your definition. And as as with many things, this type of art is one of the few pictorials that will get an emotional, “kick-you-in-the-gut,” reaction these days. Personally my feeling is that the time, care and execution of this particular piece gives it the definition of Art, even if the content makes some uncomfortable. I believe the MESSAGE is what’s important, and the message is to appreciate the female form. I don’t think anyone can argue with the message.

  • Jennifer - April 04, 2018

    Using the word “Art” doesn’t make it so. The individual or individuals who painted that, could have chosen another venue and not forced everyone who happens to pass by to view it.

  • Michal - April 04, 2018

    Art is subjective, I personally find nothing offensive. The local news station only reported body part; they couldn’t bring themselves to even say VAGINA.
    The funny part is vaginas are how we all got here! But let’s make that a dirty secret !

  • Jason Young - April 04, 2018

    I believe in art expression…. If you were going to cover someone else’s art …cover it with art…not white scribble and poorly drawn eyes

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