LOVE - Graffiti Paint Chip Pallet Art

The Graffiti Bridge

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Collectible art with a graffiti connection created in Pensacola, Florida. Our unique one-of-a-kind art is made using layers of graffiti spray paint that's been collected at the base of an active railroad trestle. 

The amazing colored swirls and marbling effect is formed by the successive layers of graffiti spray paint. 

 Live in Pensacola ? or plan to be here on Valentine's Day ? use the code ( local ) at checkout and we'll be happy to meet you here :) 

  • Number: LV-NS01 
  • Design: LOVE
  • Paint Colors: (assorted)
        Pallet Size: 
        8.25" Tall
       16" Wide 
        Paint Size: 
        3.75" Tall
        Each letter is over 2" Wide
    • Pallet Color: Light Wood, No Stain
    • Ready to ship: Paypal orders ship same/next day

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