Petite Necklace - Deep Bronze

The Graffiti Bridge

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We proudly certify this creation from TM art collection contains authentic pieces of TheGraffitiBridge in (Pensacola, Florida), one of Pensacola's most famous and beloved icons. Your creation has been registered in database.

  •       Date of creation: March 2018
  •       Certificate Number: DBPN-GBWR22
  • Style: Circle   
  • Size: 0.7cm 
  • Chain: 22" Bronze Cable Chain
  • Material/Color: Bronze Metal - Bronze 
  • Back: Bronze - Deep Bezel (0.4cm deep)

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Collectible art, with a graffiti connection. This piece was hand-carved using layers of #graffiti spray paint collected at the base of an active railroad trestle in Pensacola, Florida.